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MIRO by A.E. Nasr

“Memorable… Intense pacing throughout.

Nasr's novel is one readers will want to finish in one sitting."

- Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize in Fiction


The debut novel by A.E. Nasr

Building with tenderly crafted prose towards an explosive finale, MIRO is a story of brotherhood, courage, unthinkable choices, and the events that conspire to redeem a man and unhinge a nation.


The cold, black cell is all Miro has known since the age of 12. He accepts the fate he shares with his brother, Markus, and the cellmates that raised him from childhood in the dark. Escape is a fantasy until the night that a murder will have the unlikeliest of results – setting the five men free.    


Hunted by the army that held them prisoner for nine years, the fugitives forge their way across an occupied land coming apart at the seams, and bear witness to both the desperation and generosity of their countrymen. They must reach the city, and the refuge of the Resistance. But for Miro, whose demons travel with him, the only quest is to earn his right to be alive. Over the course of 13 days, their survival in the face of great odds will stir the hopes of a nation, unravel the cycles of history and spark the fires of uprising. 

What inspired MIRO? Read the Q&A.

Available as ebook and paperback

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