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REVIEW: Basso Profundo finds MIRO’s deeper notes

Luke Sherwood’s book reviews are a wonderful journey through authors’ endeavours, as seen through the eyes of one who samples with care and delight the literary promise. Today he honours MIRO with a review of startling insight and humbling praise... the stuff of every debut author’s dreams. Read the full review at Basso Profundo. Excerpt: “A gripping thriller of struggle against jack-booted occupation. A suspenseful, action-packed tale of war and insurgency.... This is a strong and remarkable novel, its pace sustained through a wide variety of plot settings, its deeper truths plainly on display... And: you will simply not want to miss the spectacular climax. It provides a fitting and gratifying conclusion to this fugitive journey, and proves that our intrepid author will command a large audience in the future. It’s that good.” – Luke Sherwood, Basso Profundo

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