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MIRO releases in paperback

There’s nothing like unboxing your first batch of proofs. Especially when you consider it’s the climactic moment after a long, difficult period ruled by one overriding impulse: to tear it all up and set it on fire. (Which leads me to wonder whether this ‘burning’ desire has anything to do with fire playing such a huge role in MIRO’s plot, but that’s a rumination for another day.) It’s an urge you’ve resisted from the beginning. At the outset of every chapter, and at the conclusion of every revision. And after years, weeks and hours of arguing with yourself, you stifle the impulse to do ‘just one more edit’ and defiantly label your manuscript with a five-letter suffix: FINAL. Your word document is now a proud ebook, available to hungry readers everywhere. You think you’re done having screaming matches with your alter egos, but you’re not. Because every self-respecting novelist wants to hold their book in their hands, and sniff out the familiar notes. Now there’s a whole new set of decisions to be made: size and format and font and colour and, wait, should I scrap the cover and start again? But then the first batch of proofs arrives and the indecision is now somebody else’s problem, because you’re holding your creation in your hands, and it’s beautiful. MIRO is available as a paperback today on CreateSpace and Amazon. #lightafire

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