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Q&A: What inspired MIRO?

As a follow-up to his wonderful MIRO review, Luke Sherwood interviewed me about the inspiration behind my debut novel, its setting and its characters. Some serious soul-searching followed, and I credit the candour of my answers to his very thoughtful questions. The Q&A portion of the article is republished here with his kind permission. Read the original interview at Basso Profundo, dated September 10th 2016. Q&A with A.E. Nasr, author of "Miro" by Luke Sherwood Basso Profundo: It seems obvious you couldn’t identify the occupied country in Miro, for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that it would not have served your story. Was there ever a time when you thought, we

REVIEW: Basso Profundo finds MIRO’s deeper notes

Luke Sherwood’s book reviews are a wonderful journey through authors’ endeavours, as seen through the eyes of one who samples with care and delight the literary promise. Today he honours MIRO with a review of startling insight and humbling praise... the stuff of every debut author’s dreams. Read the full review at Basso Profundo. Excerpt: “A gripping thriller of struggle against jack-booted occupation. A suspenseful, action-packed tale of war and insurgency.... This is a strong and remarkable novel, its pace sustained through a wide variety of plot settings, its deeper truths plainly on display... And: you will simply not want to miss the spectacular climax. It provides a fitting and gra

MIRO releases in paperback

There’s nothing like unboxing your first batch of proofs. Especially when you consider it’s the climactic moment after a long, difficult period ruled by one overriding impulse: to tear it all up and set it on fire. (Which leads me to wonder whether this ‘burning’ desire has anything to do with fire playing such a huge role in MIRO’s plot, but that’s a rumination for another day.) It’s an urge you’ve resisted from the beginning. At the outset of every chapter, and at the conclusion of every revision. And after years, weeks and hours of arguing with yourself, you stifle the impulse to do ‘just one more edit’ and defiantly label your manuscript with a five-letter suffix: FINAL. Your word docu

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