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Publishers Weekly reviews MIRO

After a long, nerve-racking wait, I was thrilled to find a fantastic MIRO review in the October 9th issue of Publishers Weekly. Having numbed myself in preparation to read said review, I find a side-effect in that it has taken me a few weeks to absorb the news and appropriately celebrate this important occasion. So here I am, finally shrugging off my stupor. The full review follows, originally posted on

"Nasr’s impressive debut, set in an unnamed country, follows five jailed resistance fighters who escape after nine years of imprisonment. Miro, who’s been captive from age 12 to 21, is simultaneously courageous and afraid, wise and immature. Miro’s brother Markus, also imprisoned, is a soldier filled with regret, brotherly love, and quiet strength. The brothers are accompanied by Aidan, who is conflicted about having helped the resistance fight his father’s collusion with the occupying forces; Captain, an older soldier whose militaristic behavior reveals itself to be subtly nuanced as his motivations come to light; and Alex, a professor with a love of poetic philosophy. The group seeks to avoid recapture as they make their way to a mountain village the resistance has claimed as sanctuary, learning along the way the state of the country and its people. Nasr masterfully explores the intricacies of human strength and resilience while offering readers a smartly plotted narrative of survival.”

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